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edicheck, offers a comfortable, fast and secure way to get a correct analysis of EDIFACT files.

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We offer an automatic validation service. This could mean that the efforts of integration is reduced from weeks to hours. The results of validation is obtained within 20 seconds of a service that patiently and thoroughly review all faults and defects every time, without pant and moan, or come up with taunts . Upload EDIFACT file with a few mouse clicks, you get an analysis kontollerar

  • that the content of the file is a true subset of an UNDT defined message
  • that all required data is included
  • that all the coded qualifiers in the file belongs to current release of the UNTD standard.
  • that all the qualifiers in the file belongs to it's refered UN trade data alt. ISO standard.
  • that all the data lengths are within the UNTD defined element lengths
  • also present the coded data in plain text. If the codes are attributable to current release of UNTD standard.

edicheck support almost all message versions and editions from UNTD, (UN Trade Data (1993-2012 A & B)."

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  • PREMIUM membership entitles to make 10 UNTD analyses per day,
  • VIP membership gives you unlimited access to daily analysis.

Below is an example of an UNTD analysis based on an EDI invoice (INVOIC D 96A):

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Tjänsten förses under november med ytterligare funktioner och verktyg för att förstärka dels ert arbete med att integrera olika meddelande-standard och dels med att hantera de situationer som kan uppkomma under driften av ert EDI-system. Det kan vara fråga om filer som fastnar av olika skäl, för lite data, för mycket data, fel data. I våra framtidsplaner för Q1 2015 finns ytterligare en eftersökt funktion: generera en teknisk bilaga till EDI-avtal, baserad på EDI-fil.

1.) Eccentric analyzes!

that is, to analyze a file as being a different message format than what is explicitly stated in the UNH. This function includes all message structures that exist in the system, from 1993-2012 A and B structures, ie more than 20 000 different message structures .

2.) Message wash and strip!

wash away excess data that is not supported by the standard that you and your EDI partners have agreed to exchange. Such a function is only one, for handling Systembolaget AB EDIFACT ORDERS. Is this a standard that you support - you can wash down the file to the data systems company stöjder via, get back an EDI file that washed out the rest of the data. Then perhaps it is possible to read into your system, after all. But if it means that it washes away too much, it would not work. But it is quick to try. The method is not intended as a permanent solution. But as a temporary solution to a file that does not complicate shall prevent the preschool can add their lunch orders. Although IT support is not available until the following day. This service is perhaps mainly ORDERS or maybe just ORDERS all other message types, can safely wait until the IT support has woken up. A modification to ensure that the washing function supports your order form, can be ordered from us.

3.) Standard-migration,

involves stowing on a message's data according to other rules to another formed rules. Ex. INVOIC SFTI 1.10 -> INVOIC SFTI 2.0. It is not meant as an A2A solution but only to temporarily solve the problem with ex. the ability to load a specific order that is stuck in the EDI system. While the wash is just about to pick off is migrating slightly more sophisticated and complicated change - a demo version available however. Other migrations must be ordered as a specific function of groups of companies, businesses or trade associations.

4.) New analysis of type 'as itself' '

Implementation of analytical methods for the national industry standard ESAP20, now includes scenario 43 (PRICAT) and 59 (INVOIC).

5.) EDI-Split, separate messages in new envelops

To troubleshoot an EDI file with multiple messages if the EDI system rejects the file in its entirety to one of the messages is severely damaged or incorrectly, this feature gives you the ability to read the other statements in the file. EDI Split creates a separate file for each message enclosed with the correct envelope stuffing with UNB UNB UNZ in each fil.Efter production of each file zipped them up into a zip file, to fetch down.

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